Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Wish Your Love Good Night with Lovely Good Night Messages

Send an SMS to wish good night to your love. Choose one of these good night texts to prove to him that you still have it in your thoughts.

?  Good night, my love. I love you to the point that I dream of you every night until the end of my life.

?   Hurry to sleep, to find myself in my dream because I will dream of your kisses and your sweetness.

?   You're far from me tonight, but I will not forget you! like every night, I come to wish you the most beautiful of nights with many beautiful dreams. I miss you.

?   Through this message, a kiss comes to rest on your lips and it will eventually lead you into a world of sweetness. so that your eyes close and you fall asleep for a night of sweet dreams

?   Please my angel, think of me before falling asleep and maybe find yourself in a beautiful dream! Good night. You Can visit here for best good night messages for boyfriend.

?   Far from you but under the same sky covered with stars, I think strongly of you and I hope to find you in my dreams. Pass a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.

?   My bed is so cold without your heat! And my pillow, as sweet as it is, will not replace your sweetness! I hope to find you in my dreams. I'm kissing you strongly.

?   Before falling asleep I remember the beautiful moments that I spent with you. Know that I will think of you every night before sinking into the sweet dreams of sleep. I love you.

?    Small message to tell you, tonight, how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you in my life! Good night, sleep well, I love you.

? I know you had a hard day. So I come to wish you a good night full of sweet dreams ...

Some more cute good night messages to his love.

?   I send you this little message full of love and tenderness to wish you to spend the sweetest night! Sleep well, I love you.

?   When I close my eyes before sleeping. I see your face, your smile and I remember the beautiful moments when I spent together. It allows me to have a very good night! Wish you Goodnight My Love. I love you.

?   When the night clears the light of day, and the moon lights us gently, I do not forget to wish you good night my love!

?   The stars say good night, the flower of jasmine perfumes your bed, and my heart tells you I love you for life!

?   Unfortunately I'm not by your side for this night, but I'm sending you this message to wish you sweet dreams.

?   In this sweet night, let me sleep your sleep with a sweet and tender murmur, good night my love.

?    Do not wait to go to bed to join me in my dreams, I wait for you come join me in the land of love.

?    In the calm and silence of this night, I come to kiss you and tell you good night my love.

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Beautiful Good Night Messages For Boyfriend

Are you going to spend the night away from your love and want to wish him good night? You need an idea to write him goodnight messages my love?
Check out these good night love messages that you can use to wish good night to your love.
The most beautiful texts of good night ...

1-    For you my heart, every star in the sky tells you good night. And the jasmines of the most beautiful gardens perfume your bed. Have a good night, my love.

2-    Close your pretty eyes that my love is like a lighthouse that leads you into the darkness of sleep has a quiet awakening. Good night, my treasure.  3-    With my mind I watch over you. On your sleep, like a shadow near you until sunrise. Good night my Love.

Messages good night my love ...

4-    Just an SMS to tell you good night my angel, I love you. <3

5-    With this SMS I would like to bring you a wave of sweetness and love to accompany you all night. Sweet dreams, my love.

6-    By this SMS I come to wish you a good night, with many beautiful dreams.

7-    You are far from me tonight, but that will not stop me from saying good night to you my love.

 8-    I wish you a night with all my love. May your night be calm and quiet, with dreams of happiness, and let the angels take care of you. Goodnight My Love.

 9-   The stars and the moon shine, and I want to come and give you lots of hugs, with lots of love and thousands of kisses. And when the time comes to lie down, take you in my arms and tell you goodnight my love.

10-    Good night my love, close your eyes and in the darkness of the night, my voice guides you to a world of beautiful dreams.

11-    Tonight I come to wish you good night hoping that you join me in my dreams so that together we will spend an excellent night. Goodnight My Love.

12-    I can not fall asleep without wishing you good night my love, your sweet voice and your beautiful face I miss already, I hope that I find you this night in my dreams.